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Catnip plants can help make your garden a cat-friendly garden.Catnip is natural — you can buy seeds to grow it yourself on. my special needs tortie once got an indirect whiff of catnip SPRAY.This premium, aromatic herb is 100% natural, proudly North-American...

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As soon as I saw the cat condo, I could easily imagine my kitties curling up inside.Browse our selection of catnip plants, sprays, treats as well as dried organic catnip here.

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Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade catnip related items.

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Catnip ToysPackaging and FreshnessThe Top 5 Best Catnip Products.Spray - Using a convenient spray mist, catnip may be applied to cat furniture and play areas to enhance or modify.

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Catnip toys provide an irresistible aroma to cats who appreciate this herb.Catnip is a favorite of cats, of course, but it also makes a nice ground cover if you choose the right type.

For Spoilt Cats. Super. That is why Super Catnip Spray is made from a filtered extract of leaves and.Growing catnip is easy, but there are some things you need to know about how to grow catnip that will.

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Catnip plants (Nepeta cataria and other Nepeta species) are members of the mint family and contain volatile oils, sterols, acids and tannins.

Catnip Uses, Benefits & Side Effects - Herbal KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats, 1-Fluid Ounces: Catnip Toys: Pet Supplies.Bring Out The Tiger In Your Kitty. An impulse buy item, Mini Catnip is.

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Then use a deodorizing spray or vinegar diluted in water and spray it on the.

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Homemade Bug Spray Recipe Using Fresh Herbs. catnip, citronella, lavender.Learn what catnip is, and whether or not it is safe to give to your cat and any side effects associated with catnip.